High resolution film scanning, print scanning and copying.

As with any equipment final results rely on an experienced user and our robust high-end 949 Flextight scanner makes it easier to achieve superb results time after time. Even at it's lower scanning resolutions it outperforms other film scanners due to its sharp film plane, diffuser light source, high dynamic range and very high dMax that sees into the darkest areas.

The 949 produces exactly the same scans as the top end Hasselblad X5 scanner - the benefit over X1 scans is larger dMax, higher resolution and a more diffuse cold cathode light source that reduces the appearance of film grain.

Scans are provided in any format (Jpeg or TIFF are the norm.) including Flexcolor 3F format for those who wish to colour correct themselves from RAW scans. (Free Flexcolor software required from Hasselblad).

colour management

Images are corrected within a colour managed environment.

Film scanning resolutions (non interpolated):

35 mm film - up to 8000 ppi
120 film - up to 3400 ppi - Super high resolution available on request.
5x4 inch film - up to 2050 ppi

Film scanning costs:

Full resolution scans - £11.50 for a one off scan.
Half resolution scans - £7.50 for a one off scan. Suitable for prints up to A3.

Discounts available for multiple scans and regular custom.

Fully corrected print scans:

We are happy to improve your images and do a little retouching as standard.

Up to A4 originals - £4.00 for one scan, £3.50 each for 2 scans, further discounts for quantities.

Up to A3 originals - £8.00, £7.00 each for 2 scans.

Larger painting and artwork copying:

Larger artwork and paintings can be photographed at high resolution in the studio for £15.00 per print/painting. This allows for equal size reproduction. Our set-up will work well with oil paintings reducing specular highlights. All images will be colour managed to your original or tweaked on request.