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Available graduation hoods


Napier University, Red.

Batchelor of Law, University of Edinburgh, blue/fur.

B.Ed. University of Edinburgh, light blue, fur.

B.Sc. Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh, turquoise/fur.

MBChB Medicine and Surgery, University of Edinburgh, purple/fur(Close to B. Divinity) .

BSC University of Edinburgh, green/fur.

MA University of Edinburgh, white.

B.Sc. Engineering, Heriot Watt University, dark blue/yellow.

B.SC Economics, Heriot Watt University, purple/yellow.

B.Sc. Science, Heriot Watt University, light blue/yellow.

LLB University of Dundee, gold/fur.

MA University of Glasgow, purple.

CNAA Chartered Insitute of Bankers in Scotland, red, yellow, blue, small.

Fellow Chartered Insitute of Bankers in Scotland, red, yellow, blue, large.


If your Hood and gown are not available from us you will need to go to Ede and Ravenscroft in Edinburgh. Alternaitivley if we hold a hood of similar design it may be possible to alter the colour in post production to match your degree. If this is the case then email a photo of the hood and we can look to see if it is possible.

Note that we have a selection of gown sizes in the standard Black. A mortor board is available free of charge although it is generally not worn at Edinburgh ceremonies.

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