Model and Actor portfolios.

Images that will look fabulous on screen and in print. The final retouched images supplied for you to enjoy and more importantly, to promote your services. Our professional portfolio shoot offers a good starting point, genre addition or a refresh to your existing portfolio.

Model portfolio photography


Your portfolio will grow over the years and using our high quality images should add a good deal of professionalism to your work and are ideal for non-branded portfolio images with creative and technical lighting.

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You will most likely know what style of photography you are looking for and a level of engagement and collaboration will help to provide relevant images that you would be comfortable to use. It is recommended that you do a little research before your sitting and come with clothing and make-up that suits the styles you wish to create.

Tip: bring along some magazine clippings that you like and we can use them as a starting point.

We allow up to 2 hours to accommodate clothing changes and creating your various poses. Try not to cram too much into one sitting and concentrate on around 6 images. Don't worry, we'll take plenty but getting these core images spot on will be worth it rather than trying to do everything in one sitting. You can always split the sitting up into two 1 hour sessions to keep things fresh and allow you to remodel your hair style and makeup.

Make sure you include any standard shots that your chosen Agency requires.

Call the studio for current pricing.

Actor head shots.

Clear images for a professional first impression. Stand out within your chosen agency using creative lighting.


Clean shaved and freshly pressed collar can make the difference unless you fashion a beard or rugged look of course. A selection of simple clothing without logos and patterns will work best and don't go too heavy on the make-up. Retouching can reduce the appearance of late nights however it's best to arrive fresh and prepared so if you like your morning lie-ins perhaps book a later sitting.

Read carefully any particular specifications for submission to agencies, such as Spotlight, to make sure your images are going to be accepted. Some agencies may only want simple images with no make-up, straight on and simple black t-shirt, others may allow something more creative or a combination. Look at what others are using within the Agency. You may wish to bring a few examples of what you think you would like to achieve as a starting point.

You are welcome to bring a friend however it can sometimes be a distraction so be sure you're going to be comfortable with them in the studio.

Images will be supplied carefully retouched in colour and black/white. Competitively priced package to get you up and running. If you require prints from your package, prices can be found here.

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